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Three Golden Rules of Reiki with Animals

12 May Three Golden Rules of Reiki with Animals

~ Allow an animal to choose if he or she wants Reiki ~
~ Don’t force hands on ~
~ Allow an animal to move freely in the space ~
Reiki with Moses

Reiki with Moses

Moses the magnificant mule is no longer with us at Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary – he died a year ago – but I remember the day he taught me the importance of the Three  Golden Rules of Reiki with Animals .

Moses had been having a bit of digestion that morning and was walking back and forth in the pasture. When I noticed that he stopped and stood in one place for a few minutes, I went into the pasture and stood about ten feet away and let him know I was there to offer Reiki. I set my intention: “I allow my heart to open and I am open to the experience of sharing the wonder and beauty of Reiki with Moses if that is what he chooses.” I got the message from him that he was receptive and that he wanted to control the distance between us. I gave him my word that it was his choice and that I would stand as close or as far away as he wanted me to. He stood peacefully for about ten minutes then moved a short distance away. It was a chilly day and I had been standing in the shade so I changed my position so I could stand in the sun and when I did this, Moses moved further away. After this, I held my position so he would get the message and trust that he was in control of the session and that I was there to offer Reiki in whatever way he chose to receive.

As I was breathing and expanding Reiki energy out into the area, I saw a beautiful beam of blue light energy move out from my body directly to him and envelope his entire body. We were both enveloped in this healing light and I felt him relax. He stood for about twenty minutes very quiet and calm receiving Reiki. Then he moved away and started grazing for the first time that morning.

I thanked him for the privilege of sharing Reiki with him, for trusting me, and for showing me the wonder and beauty of his healing energy.

(“Three Golden Rules for Reiki with Animals” from Kathleen Prasad, Animal Reiki Source, SARA)

Victoria Reiki Master