In Loving Memory - Reiki Wisdom
The powerful yet gentle essence of Reiki can bring the gift of peace and calm to the animal as the body dies as well as to the humans who are grieving the loss.
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In Loving Memory

Reiki with Moses

Magnificant Moses ~ 1976-2015

Moses the mule, 39 years old, was strong and determined to carry on no matter what. But on June 30 Moses surrendered –it was time. His body was weak and tired, and ready to let go.

Moses was rescued four years ago by Suzi Cloutier, director of Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary in Sandy, Oregon and brought to live at the sanctuary. There was much evidence that his life before the sanctuary had been really hard, and that he had suffered from years of abuse and neglect. His terror of being touched was enough to make him fall over shaking if there was no escape. During the past few months, as his body declined, his heart grew in strength, and this boy that lived so many years on sheer force of will, finally began to trust the people that loved him so much.

His transition was gentle and beautiful and he had us with him through the entire process reminding him how deeply loved he was.  With a body so thin, frail, and failing, we helped Moses finish this life here and release this body and its story. On that day he trusted. We held him in love, together as a family. As he let go, our touch was the last thing he felt before being taken up into the arms of All That Is.

Moses touched so many people’s hearts and he shone as a teacher and healer to many.


Thor ~ 1988-2013

Thor – a 2,000 pound Percheron Draft horse who I met and fell in love with in October 2010 was my good friend and teacher/healer . He was boarded on the property where I lived and when I walked into the barn Thor was usually the first horse I saw, his large head poking out of his stall and peeking around the corner. He had a heart of gold and knew exactly when his healing touch was needed – “Thorapy” his person called it.

When I talked to him he looked at me with his large, intelligent, sometimes twinkling and playful eyes. He enjoyed Reiki and would often stand next to the bars of his stall where I could place my hands on him and he would move his body so my hands would be exactly where he wanted them. He loved to have his belly scratched and he would lift one of his hind legs and turn his head around and give me a back rub with his nose. This always made me laugh.

Thor left this world on August 9, 2013. Thank you, Thor, for so many magical, shining moments. I will never forget you.

Barney ~ 2001 – 2013

Anyone that knew Barney got a taste of what real sweetness was. He was best known for his endless ability to accept pettings. His not-so-subtle nudges came frequently and you could hardly resist giving in. Barney loved adventures. He loved to hike, camp, ride around town, chase balls at the park, or have a snuggle on the couch.

He was loved by all and an angel to his human companions. He taught them patience, love, how to have fun, and how to be peaceful. He is missed and continues to fill their hearts with love whenever they think of him.



Fonzie was adopted from the Oregon Humane Society. After just a week in his new home, he escaped and went missing for 23 painful days. He was found by a woman who happened to be a huge animal lover and had 8 cats of her own. He was always working to bring peace, joy, and love to everyone he met. Fonzie was quite a regal young man and everyone had great respect for him.

“Fonzie was also a sensitive soul, clinging to me every moment I needed him. And because of his escape, I cherished every moment of the 7 years we had together. His passing was the work of God. He left us the very next day after my mother had passed away. I knew somehow she needed him. I’ve since learned through Victoria’s work that he and my mother are working together for my family and me. Together they heal and guide us. While I dearly miss my Fonzie Bear’s weight on my tummy, his morning meows, and his head butts, I’m comforted to know he’s still beside me.”

Until we meet again for chin scruffins’ buddy, I love you. ~Christa~


Rachel came to Zebs Wish Equine Sanctuary as a sad 13 year old lady who had recently lost her human and her lifetime farm home in Texas. Through the blessings of kismet, she landed in our hearts and proved to be a healer to all who met her. Besides being the official greeter to all at the sanctuary, she was the soother of all broken hearts and strode through her life with an unbridled joy and acceptance that is so totally rare in this world. Rachel taught us that everyone is a friend-from tiny ferrets to children to horses, mules and donkeys. In her final days as she succumbed to cancer, she attended her own lick and wag party and graciously bid goodbye to 33 humans and 14 canines.

She chose to leave this earth in the barn, surrounded by her precious herd and adoring mom and dad. Rachel was 16 years old and a dog lady that changed so many lives.



Zelda the goat came to live with Suzi, Mike and her sister goat Mabel some 10 years ago. She was the sickest goat in hundreds saved from the meat auction and after overcoming chronic CL and mastitis, was the grand dame of Zeb’s Wish Equine Sanctuary.

She was a sassy, lovely and spritely goat lady well into her 20th year when she chose to go home after a very brief illness.